Make MagicTack yourself - How does our configurator work?

MagicTack selber machen - Wie funktioniert unser Konfigurator?

The configurator is the way to your personal glitter dream.

Here you can compose your inlay according to your wishes, always keeping the task of glittering in mind - no matter if plain, colorful or wildly mixed - here you are the unicorn in the magic bag.

To find your individual inlay, you first have to click on the configurator.

Here you can choose your product. That means, depending on what you want to design according to your wishes, you can choose between a

  • patch,
  • an inlay "Classic" - straight
  • or the inlay "Swing" - that means curved.

On top of that, you have to specify the size of your inlay:

  • short for: bracelet, dog collar S-M, halter & breastplate
  • long for: straight headband, dog collar L-XL, belt
  • IMPORTANT: The "Swing" Inlay is always the same length. This fits all browbands from pony to warmblood - there is no difference in size.

Once you've decided what you'd like your browband to be, choose a pattern - you can embellish it right away with your favorite glitter colors.

How would you like it?

Single row, double row or would you prefer a mix? The square shapes you can choose from are very special.

Now we come to the most beautiful part of the configurator:

Now you can let your creativity run wild. You can set your color combinations as you like by choosing a color and then selecting the stone in your inlay that should get your chosen color.

It will look like this:

I have one more little hint for you:

While you are designing your inlay you might forget the time. Because there are so many possibilities to design an inlay, it is possible that you will be reported as lost.

If I were you, I would tell a trusted person that from now on you are on behalf of glittering and that disturbances in the world of glittering are absolutely unacceptable.

We have starter packs for you from now on

You finally found your dream inlay?

Wonderful - then put it in your shopping cart now and look forward to your order.

Glittered and sparkled - your girlfriends will make eyes, so beautiful you glitter the world ♥

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