2) Choose your base color

INFO: The base color has no influence on your configuration item. However, it serves you as an aid to see how your configured product looks on it.

Cognac Armband

Tanner Goods Key Lanyard

The Key Lanyard has a secure gate lock that releases your keys in no time. The key lanyard encloses your belt and is fastened with a secure button closure.

Tanner Goods - High quality products traditionally made

The small team of Tanner Goods produces each piece by hand in the studios in Oregon, in the Northwest of the USA. They use machines that have been part of the manufacturing process for generations. Even the sewing of the leather is done by an experienced saddler.

All leather products from Tanner Goods are vegetable tanned. This process is based on vegetable materials and produces leather that is particularly breathableand moisture-absorbing. It also makes each piece of leather individual.

This elaborate process results in an individual and first-class product.



3) Choose your patch color

INFO: With the patches you configure, you will of course receive two pieces for your "A Touch of MagicTack" gloves.

4) Design your inlay

Please design in landscape format for mobile use.
Choose a color from the color chart and then click on the stone you want to change. If you have chosen an inlay, the color pattern will be automatically continued by us. If you want your inlay color pattern to be continued individually, please enter the color numbers in the 'Comments' field in the checkout area of the shopping cart.

01 Crystal
02 Black
03 Grau
Silver shimmer
04 Silver shimmer
05 Silver
06 Hellgelb
07 Gold
08 Gelb
09 Rosa
10 Pink
Red Pink
11 Red Pink
Dark Pink
12 Dark Pink
Bright red
13 Bright red
Dark red
14 Dark red
Berry Pink
15 Berry Pink
16 Lavendel
17 Violet
18 Lila
NEW Purple
141 NEW Purple
Dark purple
22 Dark purple
light blue
19 Hellblau
20 Blau
Ocean Blue
21 Ocean Blue
Dark blue
23 Dark blue
Light green
24 Light green
25 Green
Grass Green
26 Grass Green
Dark green
27 Dark green
28 Oliv
Light ocean blue
29 Light ocean blue
71 Turquoise
Milky Mint
35 Milky Mint
Gold dark
30 Gold dark
Golden brown
31 Golden brown
Light Brown
32 Light Brown
Dark brown
33 Dark brown
62 Bordeaux
36 Orange
87 Pfirsich
81 Chrome
Rose Gold
83 Rose Gold
84 Metallic
Black Metallic
86 Black Metallic
NEW Light beige
54 NEW Light beige
NEW Beige
55 NEW Beige
NEW Old pink
56 NEW Old pink
NEW Blush pink
58 NEW Blush pink
NEW Metallic Mocha
143 NEW Metallic Mocha
01 Crystal
02 Crystal from
Delete pattern

5) Choose size

INFO: Choose your size to get the right inlay for your leather product.

5) Select type

INFO: Choose your type to get the right inlay for your leather product.

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Laquer stones are only available in large sizes