Store MagicTack inlays correctly - nothing can happen to your inlays!

MagicTack Inlays richtig aufbewahren - So kann euren Inlays nix mehr passieren!

The order: extra bling!

Your bridle is already sparkling from a kilometer away and everyone is speechless about the bling on the head of the most beautiful horse in the world?

Simply amazing how it glitters and flashes in the sun and that's exactly how it should stay forever, please. Because we all know, there is only one true order in the world of glitter: Always keep it sparkling!

Before riding is after riding

To properly store your inlays, you'll need two important things:

  1. an antistatic cloth to gently wipe your inlays to remove dust

  2. Your packaging in which your inlay is located when you bought it. Because there you can store your inlays dust-free or you are super creative and make yourself a little box in which you can store your whole "inlay collection".

It's also important to make sure that the box doesn't get wet. It is best to keep your inlays in a safe place in your saddle cupboard - but remember, always within reach. That way you can't have your inlay fall into oblivion!

Hanging up the browband & bridle with sufficient space

If your MagicTack browband is always hanging on your snaffle, then make sure that the snaffle has enough space to the front and that the browband is not hanging squashed in your locker!

This is very important because if your browband is squeezed, it may bend and your inlay may not hold. There is another advantage to having your bridle have enough room to hang: When bridling your horse, you'll have an easier time getting the snaffle out of your locker - saving you time and allowing you to take a minute to admire your browband before heading out for training. That's another thing you can't forget: Inlays love to be admired! It makes them feel very flattered and more likely to sparkle a little more.

Risks & Side Effects

For risks and side effects, look at the inlay for another minute - it makes for a pronounced release of the sparkle hormones and leaves their voice its high-pitched tone. In case of infection or the already accepted order of glitterization, either only more glitter or a session in the club of the "glittered and sparkled" community will help. An announcement that this has already helped from the madness of the glittered is not known.

Now, but to the step you should consider after riding:

Especially if your horse is sweaty after riding, don't let him itch his legs or anything else. We don't want your inlay to fall out and get dirty unnecessarily. We're going to assume that your horse is well behaved and waits for his snuffle sweat towel before relieving himself of the itch.

After all, within seconds and weird contortions of getting your horse off the bridle, you've saved a few seconds and can "admire" another round while looking for messy spots. When you find one, take your anti-static cloth and wipe it gently. If YOU still need information on how to clean your inlay, the best place to look is here.

Our Warranty:

If for some unexplained reason something should happen to your inlay, or even your browband, feel free to let us know at and send us your damaged product. Our products come with a two year sparkling warranty.

Everything clean and sparkling? Yes, great - then hang your bridle back in place and make sure your browband has enough room.

If you are in possession of several inlays - all the better - then take a look at your next outfit and put the matching inlay ready. Put the one before it back in its dust-free home with loving words.

the ultimate tip

A little tip for all handicraft freaks: There are jewellery boxes on the internet with the matching length of your inlays. The best thing about them is that they also come with a glass lid so you can see your little collection when the inlays are all sparkling. For this you can put a bottom in the box which is magnetic - so the inlay won't slip. If you like it really pompous, cover it with a velvet cover.

With this ultimate tip I immediately feel the urge to let my creativity come to life.

Do you? Then on the count of three:

On the inlays - glitter - go!

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