Interview: Katja from Magic Pony Amy

Interview: Katja von Zauberpony Amy

Today we have an interview with Katja from Zauberpony Amy.

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Who are Katja and Amy from Zauberpony Amy?

Magictack: Katja, introduce yourself, who are you?

I met Amy 10 years ago when she came to our stable as a foal. My riding instructor always forced us to clean the foals after the riding lesson or to go for a walk with them.

Since Amy was a little bitch and I was the biggest of the riding kids, I always had to take Amy with me. At some point I fell in love with her. When Amy was old enough I was allowed to help my riding instructor to break her in.

After a year of work, she was slowly introduced to schooling. But I had a hard time with other children riding Amy, so it was clear to me: I have to do something so that she belongs to me. That's why I talked my riding instructor out of her. Tears and drama included! That's how it is when you become a team with your magic pony.

How old was Amy when you got her?

4 years old, she was broken in but still very young. That's why I started with the circus lessons. I just wanted to give her more variety besides riding. Amy was a bit of a nutter.

And who's Katja? How long have you been riding?

I've been riding since I was 10 years old, my girlfriend had persuaded me to go on riding holidays, and from then on I went regularly on holiday to the pony farm.

In the beginning I was the only one who didn't know anything. All the children had regular lessons at home, but I didn't come from a riding family. I rode so badly that I even failed the small horseshoe test the first time.

My parents wanted me to concentrate on athletics. I went to athletics training 6 times a week, and on the 7th day I was allowed to ride as a reward. That was my highlight.

How old were you when you stopped athletics? When were you allowed to ride more often?

Until I was about 16 years old. Until then I was only with the horse once a week as a reward. After that I had a riding partner, Nova, a Hafi mix. I rode her twice a week.

Nova was sold after only 1.5 years, but during that time I already took care of Amy. When Nova left, Amy was almost old enough to be broken in.

Katja and Amy like to be allrounders

Katja, what do you do with Amy?

We do a bit of everything, but more dressage and circus lessons. I am usually too lazy to set up jumps. It is important to me that Amy is dressage ridden in addition to the nonsense and circus lessons. We take lessons every week.

We also like to go for rides and work from the ground on the lunge or double lunge. Depending on your mood.

Do you have a training plan?

Only roughly. I make sure that I ride 5 times a week. On the other two days we do nonsense. Neck ring riding, circus lessons, lunging... whatever comes to mind. Haflingers tend to put on weight quickly. It is important to me that Amy is properly exercised and stays fit.

During the time when I was studying it was of course sometimes more difficult, so on the days when I had late lectures I only lunged in the evening.

But it is important to me that I am with the horse every day. Amy should have something to do.

How did you get into blogging?

Well, my family is not interested in horses, so when I told them something like: "Amy has laid down", they were not very enthusiastic. They don't know anything about horses either. When I saw on the internet that there are many rider groups on Facebook, I signed up. I wanted to exchange with other riders.

I created the Facebook page when Amy became part of my family, 5 years ago. I wanted to share my training progress with others and get some feedback. See what others are saying or doing. And of course have a kind of diary for myself.

A few facts about Amy

How old is Amy now, how tall is she? We want to know everything!

Amy is now 10 years old, purebred Haflinger, without a big Arabian part. She is 150 cm tall and weighs 450 kg. She loves bananas and apple treats. Her favorite treat is flehmen. I think because she likes to stick her nose in everything else too.

She is quite stubborn. Strong character, I guess you could say. When she gets her mind set on something, you really have to push through it.

Do you have an example of Amy's stubbornness?

Amy hates going to the hanger. Not because she's afraid, she's not afraid of hitching. She just doesn't like it. When we leave, she likes to stand in front of the trailer and stay there. That is actually our biggest problem.

How do you manage that Amy always looks into the camera?

Amy just does that, even when jumping I see her squinting at the camera when a friend is taking pictures. She's always been like that. I think she understands what a camera is and what it's about. She's always been a little model.

Does she like the attention?

Yeah, amy's a total attention junkie. For example, we were at Krämer's for a gig and all the kids came over to say hi after the gig and Amy really enjoyed it. She hates it when she doesn't have all the attention and then comes up with some nonsense.

What kind of nonsense?

For example, when I wanted to show my friends at the stables how to give compliments to their horses, Amy had to wait a short time. What does Amy do? She lays down next to me and begs me. She doesn't like it at all when Princess is ignored.

If there is a grooming box nearby and I don't have her attention for a moment, she hoofs it in and throws the contents all over the barn aisle.

Do you have tournament ambitions?

Do you ever go to a show?

Not so far, Amy doesn't like to go on the trailer and I never had a trailer or the car to go with it. But since a few weeks we are mobile now. So next year one or the other smaller tournament is planned.

What level are you in?

E and A. We should be able to manage that.

Do you have your riding license?

Yes, the small one. That's all we've got so far. It's more important for me that we work together as friends and get ahead. Shows and courses cost a lot of money, that was never a priority. If it would come up and it is not so expensive, I would still do the big riding badge. I think we can do that.

Katja and Amy like it pink.

What do you think about the whole Schibbi Schabbi trend? How many saddle pads do you have?

Meanwhile I have a whole cellar full of saddle pads at home. I love to dress Amy and me. By the way, it drives my boyfriend crazy that Amy has more saddle pads than he has shirts in his closet.

Bright or muted colors?

I think we like it best when it's flashy. With things that not everyone has. Preferably in pink and purple. We like to stand out from the crowd. Colorful, flashy and with lots of glitter.

You were a customer at MagicTack before you joined the team, which inlay was the first one you bought?

A pink one at the fair. At the Equitana, but it didn't have a name. I just couldn't get past the glittery stand.

Do you match your inlays to your outfit?

Yes, of course I do. I always make sure that my inlay matches my breeches and saddle pad on the day. Just like with the patches. I have patches with almost every inlay.

Where do you keep your inlays?

At home in my bedside drawer. I always take one with me that matches my outfit. I leave the rest at home. Sometimes it's too messy at the stables, I don't like to leave them there.

I thought about hanging them on a magnetic board inside the locker at the stables, but then something ends up scratching over them, which is too dangerous for me.

How many inlays do you have?

6 currently, including matching patches. My collection expands every few months. I always look in the Tuesday-Collection if there is something suitable. They are reduced every week.

Since I'm in the team I get now and then some sent to me. And of course I have my own inlay from the blogger collection. That's what I like best.

Katja would like to show that trust and friendship can be achieved by everyone!

What do you want to achieve with your blog?

I want to show that everyone, even those who don't have a riding family, or who can't afford a horse, can achieve all this at some point. That you can make your dream come true in small steps and with continuous work. Of having your own horse, but most of all of being friends with the horse of your dreams.

Amy and I have learned everything together. Through ups and downs. And I hardly had the chance to ride for many years. But it can be done. Sometimes just not right away.

Thank you Katja, this is a great mission!

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