What is an inlay? What is a browband? - How MagicTack works!

Was ist ein Inlay? Was ein Stirnriemen? - So funktioniert MagicTack!

The MagicTack browband consists of two parts

First you need the browband.

This is available in different variants: "Swing Fineline", "Browband Fineline" and "Browband Classic".

Depending on which variant you like best, you should also choose your desired color, size and type.

" Headband Fineline" "Headband Classic"

"Swing Fineline"

Then you put your headband into the shopping cart.

You are probably wondering why there is no glitter inlay?

That's easy, you can choose it now as a second step.

It is important that you know: Once you have a headband, for example a "Swing", then all "Swing Inlays" fit into the headband - it is only important that no "Classic" fit in there, but you probably already know that :) It's the same the other way round.

Now choose your favorite inlay. If you like, you can do this according to your individual wishes in our configurator . Otherwise just have a look at our prefabricated inlays:) You will definitely find what you are looking for - so much glitter at once, it's hard to choose :)

Headband + Inlay = MagicTack

Magictack is like math - only much nicer, easier and you're guaranteed to fall in love.

You are now in possession of an empty headband and an inlay of your choice?

Wonderful - then all you need now is the step of how to put it together.

Take your empty headband and your inlay. Slide the inlay left or right into the leather loop and place the magnetic strip on the headband. Finally, slide the other end into the loop opposite and you have the most beautiful result you can imagine.

I say yes - like math. Only much much easier :)

Straight inlay? Pay attention to the magnet direction

With the straight inlays you have to pay attention to the direction of the magnets.

As it is with magnets, they have a plus and minus pole. So if you put the inlay in one direction it might dock on the wrong "pole". You will notice that the inlay sticks out a little bit over the magnets of the headband.

Then simply turn the straight inlay over and check that it is in contact with the correct magnet poles. This is important, because the magnetic force and durability is best guaranteed.

Do you have any questions?

If you still have questions, then feel free to contact our chat. We have set this up so that we can help you in the fastest way to your glitter happiness.


  • Pia Stoffregen

    Ich frage mich,ob das Magnet vom Magic Tack nicht gefährlich ist wenn der Magnet so nah am Gehirn des Pferdes ist. Oder kann da nichts passieren?
    Würde mich gerne über eine Antwort freuen.
    MFG:Pia. (pia.stoffregen@gmail.com)

  • Gabi

    Hallo, passt ein gerades Classic Inlay in einen gerades Finline Stirnriemen 😅?
    Liebe Grüße, Gabi

  • Sina Schmidt


    Ich hätte da mal eine Frage. Ich habe einen Classic Stirnriemen und wollte fragen ob da auch Normale Fineline Inlays reinpassen oder ob da nur Classic Inlays reinpassen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Sina Schmidz

  • Antonia

    Hallo ich brauche ein stirnriemen gr pony und ich glaube die inlays sind alle gleich lang muss ich diese einfach kürtzen ?

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